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The Lua side might enable an interrupt for a resource number while the C side might enable the same interrupt for another resource number. The effect of this is that both interrupt handlers (in Lua and C) will be called with both resource numbers (since there is a single interrupt handler per interrupt ID). Thus each side should check for the resource number that it needs before acting on the interrupt The main thread then interrupts the computation thread several times by using the interuptible id and communicates with the interrupt handler function to give commands to continue or to quit the computation. For this example other Lua modules are needed for 1.) starting a concurrently running thread and for 2.) inter-thread communication. For the example I used lua-llthreads2 (se The GPIO ISR currently reenables interrupts before calling the Lua world directly, possibly preempting an already running Lua thread. A bouncing contact or even two parallel triggers on mechanically coupled inputs could easily generate interrupts within 10s of msec, causing nested preemptions. This is disastrous with the current implementation, but could still be damaging with the task-based one if a single interrupt context block is used by the ISR because you could get a second. There's a process running in c, calling a (or rather several, any one who has registered) lua function periodically to have the lua code running. And when there's a interrupt, or a c callback gets called, it will also call a lua function (in the same lua_State) although the c process might be in the middle of one of it's periodic calls. My real question becomes: is this safe? I'm a bit wary this might not be.. But before I go down and tear all this up (that works nice, most of the time) to.

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  1. Raw. init.lua. -- based on blog post in. -- https://bigdanzblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/esp8266-nodemcu-interrupting-init-lua-during-boot/. local FileToExecute = user.lua. local BootTimeout = 200. local AbortTimeout = 3000. -- initialize abort boolean flag
  2. To add interrupt support for an eLua platform follow the steps below: Define your interrupts Your interrupt sources should be defined in platform_conf.h with macros (don't use C enumerations)
  3. ate the thread externally (from your main thread) since the lua script is user supplied and you can't signal it to exit. If that isn't an option, you could try the debug API. You could use lua_sethook to enable you to regain control assu
  4. interrupt(1)interrupt(1) Each of these interrupts launches two more, and so after just a few seconds the controller will overheat. The current heat of the luacontroller is available in the heat variable. You can also retrieve the current maximum heat setting in heat_max
  5. 5.2 - Variable Number of Arguments. Some functions in Lua receive a variable number of arguments. For instance, we have already called print with one, two, and more arguments.. Suppose now that we want to redefine print in Lua: Perhaps our system does not have a stdout and so, instead of printing its arguments, print stores them in a global variable, for later use
  6. g in Lua: Part IV. The C API Chapter 26. Calling C from Lua: 26.1 - C Functions. As a first example, let us see how to implement a simplified version of a function that returns the sine of a given number (a more professional.
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Lua can be interrupted if I reserve debug.sethook for interrupting lua. Theoretically I can replace debug.sethook / debug.gethook with something which will allow them to coexist, but it is going to be complex and is not going to work for lua_sethook called from C Der Interrupt 0 wird mit attachInterrupt (0, interruptRoutine, LOW) definiert wenn er auf LOW ist. Das sind also 0V, der Taster ist gedrückt, dann wird die interruptRoutine () ausgeführt. Tasten haben aber die unangenehme Eigenschaft zu prellen, das heisst sie schliessen nicht immer in Nullzeit, sonder zappeln etwas I simply connected an LED + resistor on digital port D5 and I was trying to make it blink when I receive an interrupt on another pin. Here the code: Code: Select all. const int ch0 = D5; const byte interruptPin1 = D1; const int triggertime = 1000; int triggers = 0; void sendPulse (int chan) {. digitalWrite ( chan, HIGH ) Im heutigen Ratgeber-Artikel möchte ich dir eine Übersicht über das NodeMCU ESP8266 Pinout geben, damit du in Bastelprojekten schnell und einfach die benötigten Input bzw.Output Pins identifizieren kannst.. Diese Übersicht soll dir als Spickzettel dienen, wenn du deinen ESP8266 mit der Arduino IDE programmieren möchtest und dir nicht sicher bist, welcher Pin im Code welcher Pin am. To set an interrupt in the Arduino IDE, you use the attachInterrupt() function, that accepts as arguments: the GPIO interrupt pin, the name of the function to be executed, and mode: attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(GPIO), ISR, mode)

M /trunk/FocusInterruptSounds.lua. FocusInterruptSounds: - Fix interrupt spell names for Demon Hunters and Survival Hunters-----r94 | corg | 2016-07-19 18:39:20 +0000 (Tue, 19 Jul 2016) | 2 lines Changed paths: M /trunk/FocusInterruptSounds.toc. FocusInterruptSounds: - Update TO Pin interrupts are supported through attachInterrupt, detachInterrupt functions. Interrupts may be attached to any GPIO pin, except GPIO16. Standard Arduino interrupt types are supported: CHANGE, RISING, FALLING. But I am missing the relation between interrupt and pin-number What is the right interrupt, if I want to use GPIO4 Naturally, when an interrupt occurs, we need to handle it in a interrupt service routine (ISR) which corresponds to the function that executes when the interrupt happens. It is a good practice to design interrupt service routines as small as possible [2], so the processor gets back to the execution of the main program. So, we should not do blocking calls or handle communication, for example, inside an ISR. The best approach is to signal the main code, using for example a flag or a. Interrupt. Soll die Aktion unabhängig von einer expliziten Ansteuerung im Hauptprogramm bietet es sich an, hierfür interne Zeitgeber zu nutzen, die nach Ablauf der eingestellten Zeit einen Interrupt auslösen. Der ESP8266 bietet hierfür einen Hardware- und einen Software-Timer. Es gibt nur einen Hardware-Timer. Dieser ist also eine kostbare Ressource und sollte der ESP8266-Bibloithek zur. Interrupts are a type of messaging intended to close or stop a process. In OpenOS the computer.pullSignal(), and thus any wrapper, generates 2 types of events. They are especially useful when event.pull*() is called without time limit and with a filter. In some cases this means that event.pull*() could be waiting indefinitely

Lua / Java / LuaJ - Behandlung oder Unterbrechung unendlicher Schleifen und Threads - Java, Multithreading, Lua, Interrupt, Luaj. Ich benutze LuaJ, um vom Benutzer erstellte Lua-Skripts in auszuführenJava. Wenn Sie jedoch ein Lua-Skript ausführen, das niemals zurückgegeben wird, friert der Java-Thread ein. Dies macht den Thread auch unterbrechungsfrei. Ich leite das Lua-Skript mit. When an ISR is entered, interrupts are disabled. Naturally they must have been enabled in the first place, otherwise the ISR would not be entered. However to avoid having an ISR itself be interrupted, the processor turns interrupts off. When an ISR exits, then interrupts are enabled again. The compiler also generates code inside an ISR to save registers and status flags, so that whatever you were doing when the interrupt occurred will not be affected Lua provides a single-threaded execution environment without any primitives, such as mutexes, for synchronization. That means the scripts cannot explicitly block the kernel, but they could still run indefinitely. Lua has a facility to interrupt a script after it has run a certain number of instructions, which is used by both NFLua and XDPLua Some of the tests were also derived from Michael's lua-sqlite3 module, and more unit tests added by Doug Currie. Get lunitx using Luarocks. The distribution also contains some functional tests by Tiago. This version of lsqlite3 was tested with SQLite 3.11.0 and 3.15.1. REFERENCE. SQLite3 functions. sqlite3.complete sqlite3.complete(sql) Returns true if the string sql comprises one or more.

This firmware code initialises the Lua environment and then attempts to execute the Lua module init.lua from the SPIFFS file system. This init.lua module can then be used to do any application initialisation required and to call the necessary timer alarms or library calls to bind and callback routines to implement the tasks needed in response to any system events TeenyDT - Online USB Descriptor Generator. A lua based USB descriptor generate tool, source code on GitHub . How to use the descriptor? Demo for TeenyUSB, Demo for libOpenCM3 RFID + Wifi. Den RFID-Reader hatte ich euch bereits in meinem Artikel RFID-Türöffner vorgestellt. Damals hatte ich das Reader-Modul, welches die ausgelesene Tag-ID der RFID-Tokens einfach auf seiner seriellen Schnittstelle ausgibt mit einem Attiny 2313 gekoppelt, der die IDs mit einer Liste auf seinem EEPROM abgleicht und entsprechend einen Relaisausgang schaltet

We are giving an example of how to use the timers on the ESP8266. It was very hard to find a simple example of how to use the timers under the Arduino IDE. We need this for our new IOT project, a pulse meter feeding into the Amazon IOT software. We need a steady 2 millisecond interrupt based timer to do the pulse sampling Become a Pro with these valuable skills. Start Today. Join Millions of Learners From Around The World Already Learning On Udemy

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Discussion on Suche Hilfe für Lua Script (Interrupt / spellreflect) within the World of Warcraft forum part of the Popular Games category. 12/08/2013, 00:44 #1. Maddon1337 elite*gold: 0 . The Black Market: 4 /0/ 0. Join Date: Aug 2012. Posts: 73 Received Thanks: 23 Suche Hilfe für Lua Script (Interrupt / spellreflect) Hallo Bin gerade dabei ein script für meinen Warri zuschreiben und es ist. Lua Timer reset upon interrupt Started by dzlockhead, Apr 24 2012 12:51 AM You cannot reply to this topic; Go to first unread post; 6 replies to this topic #1 dzlockhead. New Members 4 posts Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:51 AM. Hello this is my first major program in computercraft, i have some BASIC experience with lua and I am a intermediate programmer at C++, but I am attempting to create a. Lua provides a debug method called lua_sethook() which permits to interrupt the execution after some configured condition and call a function. This condition used in HAProxy is a number of instruction processed and when a function returns. The function called controls the effective execution time, and if it is possible send a yield. The yield system is based on a couple setjmp/longjmp. In. Use kill-lua force to interrupt the next instruction. Any lua script named raw/init.d/*.lua, in the save or main DF directory, will be run when any world or that save is loaded. Configuration Files ¶ Some DFHack settings can be changed by modifying files in the dfhack-config folder (which is in the DF folder). The default versions of these files, if they exist, are in dfhack-config. Brauche Hilfe bei LUA-Programmierung. German. 3 posts • Page 1 of 1. Stachel Member Posts: 20 Joined: Sat May 04, 2019 8:33 pm. Brauche Hilfe bei LUA-Programmierung. by Stachel » Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:44 pm Post. Hallo zusammen, ich bräuchte mal ein kleines Programm, ich habe keinen Ansatz. Folgendes möchte ich umsetzen: Ich habe ein Detector-Rohr von pipeworks, wenn dort ein Gegenstand.

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Hat man einen Mikrocontroller wie den ESP8266 NodeMCU im Außenbetrieb, läuft dieser oftmals über portable Stromversorgung wie bspw. Akkus, Batterien oder Powerbanks. Daher ist es von enormer Bedeutung, dass der Stromverbrauch beim ESP8266 Batteriebetrieb möglichst gering gehalten wird. Dafür hat der ESP8266 einen sog. Deep Sleep Modus, in welcher der NodeMCU inaktiv ist und somit [ This ISR is for an external interrupt, this had a button connected to it. Robin2 June 18, 2013, 7:01pm #10. Thank you akshaykirti, I'm sorry my Post #7 wasn't clear enough. I understand how interrupts and interrupt service routines work. What I would like to do now is confirm that I properly understand Ckiick's explanation in Post #5 about when you create an interrupt routine using.

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Last night, I was working on a modified LUA of an interrupt (Such as Maim) to only interrupt certain spells. Here's the LUA. local Spell,_,_,_,_,_,_,_.. Interrupt NodeMCU init.lua. 2015/11/23 ctheroux ESP8266 Internet of Things IoT Linux NodeMCU. It can be sometimes challenging to regain control of the NodeMCU running on a ESP8266 when init.lua has a tight loop in it. To do so, first, download esptool.py from GitHub. Execute the following command. python esptool.py --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --baud <baud-rate> erase_flash. where <baud-rate> is the. M /trunk/FocusInterruptSounds.lua. FocusInterruptSounds: - (Nyolotha) Add Steadfast Defense to the purge list - (Nyolotha) Add Breed Madness to the interrupt blacklist-----r118 | corg | 2020-01-17 07:43:09 +0000 (Fri, 17 Jan 2020) | 2 lines Changed paths: M /trunk/FocusInterruptSounds.to

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When you have uploaded both programs, security.lua and init.lua, to flash, reset the ESP8266 with the reset button and your sensor should boot up and be working. You should connect to it with an appropriate serial device (FTDI friend, console cable, or USB cable depending on your ESP8266 board) and a terminal program like CoolTerm, then press the reset button. You should see the NodeMCU banner. Tutorial: Lua Basics -- Using break to Exit Loops This tutorial is offered as a topic in the Ask A Pro Renewal Project tutorials requested by Lyqyd. Pre-Requisites: Before reading this tutorial, you should be familiar with all of the control structure concepts covered in Lua Basics -- Variable Scope, Code Blocks and Control Structures There are three basic looping control structures in Lua. Remember to do your app.js in init.lua. 4. Examples. Here is an overused example of LED controls. You can use print() to observe text messages if you don't have any LED on hand The firmware uses the Lua scripting language. The firmware is based on the eLua project, and built on the Espressif Non-OS SDK for ESP8266. It uses many open source projects, such as lua-cjson and SPIFFS. Due to resource constraints, users need to select the modules relevant for their project and build a firmware tailored to their needs. Support for the 32-bit ESP32 has also been implemented. Hello, I am having trouble with Interrupt Bar trying to get rid of the cooldown timer. I am using Tukui and it has it's own cooldown timer implemented so I do not wish to turn it off. My interrupt bar timers are being overlaped and it is driving me crazy. I have searched around and found out to fix it in the lua you have to replace: cd.noomnicc = tru

So, you can set EXTIPINSEL0 to pin 0 and EXTIPINSEL2 to pin 0, except have external interrupt 0 configured for the falling edge and external interrupt 2 configured for the rising edge. The in the ISR, check the flags to see whether the interrupt was caused by 0 (falling) or 2 (rising). Or use interrupts 0 and 1 and the even handler will be the falling edge and the odd handler will be the. Sekunden Interrupt in C mit Ausgabe eines Wertes auf LED. Beim SpartanMC ist auch die Programmierung von ISR Programmen in C möglich. Dazu muss zusammen mit dem startup Kode in der Firmware make Datei config-build.mk ein Assembler Programm geladen werden. Der Systembuilder jConfig erstellt für alle im System installierten Geräte zwei. Für Mikrocontroller stehen neben MicroPython die Arduino-IDE (C/C++/Processing) und Lua Verfügung. Fragmentierung. Bei längerem Programmlauf werden ständig neue Objekte erzeugt und wieder verworfen. Weil das nicht zeitgleich geschieht entstehen so Folgen von freigegebenen und noch belegten Speicherbereichen. Der Heap ähnelt immer mehr einem Schweizer Käse. Diese Zerstückelung des Heap M /trunk/Core.lua. Silence, Strangulate, Silencing Shot, and Arcane Torrent got an interrupt component. Added all but Arcane Torrent (fixing soon). Changed wasted message from <Wasted> to <Used>.-----r18 | wasqer | 2009-08-06 11:02:54 +0000 (Thu, 06 Aug 2009) | 1 line Changed paths: M /trunk/IEInterruptAnnounce.toc. Automated info in the TOC accidentaly duplicated, fixed.-----r17 | wasqer.

Nginx+Lua is a self-contained web server embedding the scripting language Lua. Powerful applications can be written directly inside Nginx without using cgi, fastcgi, or uwsgi. By adding a little Lua code to an existing Nginx configuration file, it is easy to add small features. To see it yourself, at the end of this post I've included some logging code that can be added to any existing. Interrupt Mode Description of SPI functions, SPI slave protocol format, slave status and line breakage and API functions. Chapter 7 SPI Wi-Fi Passthrough 2-Interrupt Mode Description of SPI functions, SPI slave protocol format, data flow control line and API functions. Chapter 8 HSPI Host Multi-device API Description of HSPI functions, hardware connection and API functions. Chapter 9 I2C User. Lua-Modul für Raspberry Pi. Dieses Paket enthält ein Lua-Modul um die GPIOs auf dem Raspberry Pi anzusteuern. Die Hauptfunktion wird vom RPi.GPIO Python Modul von Ben Croston bereitgestellt. Folgende Funktionen sind implementiert

Only the lua file it is in can use them, no other addons can access it. If your addon consists of more than one lua file, something that we are not going to look at in this guide, you cannot access this variable from the other files. Note that the second variable declaration, a, is only available inside its code block (the function). Local. Announces interrupts in the chat. r13 | fuda01 | 2015-01-18 11:34:17 +0000 (Sun, 18 Jan 2015) | 4 lines Changed paths ESP32, mehr als ein ESP 8266 Nachfolger. Es war nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis jemand den Ansatz des ESP8266 SoC und der Programmierung mit LUA (Siehe NodeMCU) auf eine neue Hardware umsetzt, die schneller, größer, stärker und robuster sein soll. Das Wettrüsten (Moores Law) scheint auch bei den kleinen SoC-Geräten im vollen Gange zu sein Each rotation is 100% configurable, and each ability can be assigned Lua code (protected or otherwise) that it will execute to determine if a spell should be cast. It also has a basic interrupt bot built in that allows you to interrupt ability that is interruptable (it will not try to interrupt non-interruptable abilities). NOTE: You should run WoW in either Windowed Mode (Full Screen) or. News about Lua itself can be found at the Lua mailing list. The mailing list archives are worth checking out for older postings about LuaJIT. The main Lua.org site has complete documentation of the language and links to books and papers about Lua. The community-managed Lua Wiki has information about diverse topics

eLua - Implementing interrupt

Lua - is a scripting programming language. What is more important for us is that it is used to write game logic in the Defold engine. The engine uses LuaJIT and Lua 5.1 where LuaJIT isn't supported. LuaJIT is based on Lua 5.1 with some improvements. Always make sure that the manuals and Lua libraries you are using are compatible with Lua 5.1 The Lua parser command line debugger tool is a remote tool in NwConsole. The debugger can attach to NwDecoder as a debug target and can pause to inspect the state of a running parser. It also provides the option to run Lua Stack Sampler, which quickly pauses the running Lua environments in the Decoder, collects the stack traces, and then. In this tutorial we will show how to build door/window sensor only with ESP8266 and NodeMCU(LUA) - without Arduino. We will use nice EasyIoT interface to display door/windows status on our phone, tablet or desktop computer. ESP8266 NodeMcu. First step when building this sensor is to upload correct firmware to our ESP8266 module. We will use node NodeMCU firmware. This firmware is capable of. Lua FAQs. When I click APPLY in the driver software, the changes are not implemented. It takes longer than 10 seconds to save changes to the driver software: Win7 Check that your antivirus program isn't blocking the driver software. If you use the default Microsoft Security Essentials program, you can add the rule under the tab Settings. 3. ESP8266 Analog Read with Lua/NodeMCU. This section shows how use the NodeMCU firmware to read analog values with the ESP8266. Flashing ESP8266 with Lua/NodeMCU firmware. First, you have to flash your ESPs with NodeMCU firmare. I recommend using the ESPlorer IDE which is a program created by 4refr0nt to send commands to your ESP8266

ESP32-WROOM-32 Lua WIFI BLE Wireless Modul (außer D0) haben Interrupt / PWM / I2C / 1-Draht.Abmessungen ca.34 x 26 x 8 mmLieferumfang• 1x WeMos D1 Mini V3.0 Pro Board• 2x Buchsen Leiste kurz• 2x Buchsen Leiste lang• 2x Stiftleiste• 1x Externe Antenne 10,70 €* In den Warenkorb WeMos D1 Mini Pro V 3,0 NodeMcu 4MB Lua WIFI WeMos D1 Mini V3,0 Pro NodeMcu mit ESP8266-12F WLAN Modul. Interrupt RSS Subscribe Contribute Tags Slack From Zero to main(): Bare metal Rust. 17 Dec 2019 by James Munns. For the past thirty years or so, the choice of languages for embedded systems developers has been relatively slim. Languages like C++ and Ada have found a home in some niche areas, such as telecommunications and safety critical fields, while higher level languages like Lua, Python. Der AZDelivery D1 mini, ist ein Mini-NodeMcu Lua WiFi-Board basierend auf einem ESP-8266-12F. Dieses WLANboard enthält 11 digitale Ein- / Ausgangspins, alle Pins haben interrupt / pwm / I2C / 1-adrig und einen Mikro-USB-Anschluss. Durch seine ultra-kompakte Bauform lässt sich das AZDelivery D1 Mini Internet WIFI Modul sehr einfach dezentral verstauen. Unser drathloses D1 mini.

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Database (SQLite) Lua script extensions Lua SQLite (database) interface Lua syntax Scripting Scripting callbacks - plugins (Help topic: lua=db:interrupt) Documentation contents pag External Interrupt: An external interrupt is a computer system interrupt that happens as a result of outside interference, whether that's from the user, from peripherals, from other hardware devices or through a network. These are different than internal interrupts that happen automatically as the machine reads through program instructions Esp8266 interrupt pins: in der Kaufberatung! Vielen Dank für den tollen Service! Ich hätte nicht damit gerechnet, dass ich so viel Qualität für mein Geld vorfinde. NodeMCU ESP8266MOD-12F WiFi. in der Arduino NodeMCU sehr vielseitig einsetzen und kombinieren! ️ Das AZ-Delivery lässt sich das ist mit Arduino von den vielseitigen kompatibel und kann Ihre Projekte mit können.⭐️⭐️. AZDelivery D1 Mini NodeMcu mit ESP8266-12F WLAN Module CH340G Lua kompatibel mit Arduino inklusive E-Book! - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Amazon.de bestellen

Mit Esp8266 lua nodemcu wifi network development board einen Test zu riskieren Bibliotheken und Sie sich jetzt ist Arduino D1 Pins haben interrupt ultra-kompakte Bauform lässt Modul sehr einfach für Ihre Projekte in der AZDelivery-Familie! drei D1 Mini Raspberry Pi. Wir Mengenrabatt! ️ Der Arduino IDE programmiert . Modul V2 ESP8266 ESP-12F WIFI Wifi. Ressourcen an Bord. eine. The best deals of the season are here. Shop now for skills that fulfill your goals. Join millions of students learning new skills that make them stand out

How to interrupt a program in Lua « on: April 02, 2017, 03:00:02 PM » Making lots of progress with Lua now understanding controlling Gcode including G31, writing values to the probefile, and setting up screens to function. The program to digitize is working very well but it takes a long time to run and sometimes there is a need to interrupt and start over. I tried to look for an axis with. restInterrupt¶. This event is invoked when a rest is about to be interrupted. The ambushing spawn can be overridden by changing the creature parameter

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Trying to interrupt luajit from another thread. a guest . Nov 5th, 2014. 12 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? cool features! C++ 1.60 KB . raw download clone embed print report // build with luajit: g++ -Wall lua_limit_test.cpp -o lua_limit_test -Iinclude/luajit-2. -Llib -lluajit-5.1 -lpthread // build with lua: g++ -Wall lua_limit_test.cpp -o lua_limit_test -Ilua-5.1.5/src -Llua-5. Lua scripts enable programmers to create environments that can use images and graphics in a flexible way. Don't interrupt the flow Use notifications rather than dialogs when possible. Keep the user in control of the experience. Show only what is needed when it is needed Don't overwhelm the user with choices. Also, this will translate better to constrained platforms. Stay consistent. Lua Modifiers. Modifiers work much in the same way as the Lua Abilities, but the setup is slightly different. Similar to the Lua Abilities, start with a .lua file named appropriate to the name. Here is an example from Sven's Warcry. At the top of that file, create a class with the same name as the file. In this case, modifier_sven_warcry_lua

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ESP32 Audio Sampling With Interrupts And IRAM. Interrupting while someone is talking is rude for humans, but smart for computers. [Ivan Voras] shows how to use interrupts to service the ESP32. An open-source firmware and development kit that helps you to prototype your IOT product within a few Lua script lines Features. Open-source, Interactive, Programmable, Low cost, Simple, Smart, WI-FI enabled. Arduino-like hardware IO. Advanced API for hardware IO, which can dramatically reduce the redundant work for configuring and manipulating hardware. Code like arduino, but interactively in. Schülerscherze und Angriffe Unbekannter stören den Onlineunterricht. Beim Onlineunterricht gibt es nicht nur technische Probleme: Schüler rufen auf TikTok und Instagram dazu auf. 2. Pin Definitions 2. Pin Definitions Figure 2-1 shows the pin layout for 32-pin QFN package. $ Figure 2-1. Pin Layout (Top View) Table 2-1 lists the definitions and functions of each pin Posted: November 22, 2014 | Author: marc2203 | Filed under: Uncategorized | Tags: ES8266, LUA | 83 Comments. I'm not going to explain in detail what is ESP8266 because if you have found this post I'm sure you already know it. But just in case, it is an awesome cheap board (less than 4$) with built-in wifi communication (802.11 b/g/n), and SPI, UART. You can also use its processor to run.

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